Friday, July 8, 2016

Mind Tricks

This is the beginning of a black, white, and shades of grey half-square triangle of a block  quilt I'm making for one of my quilting chapter's challenges. It was hard to work on it, and I didn't work on it for long today. In the four to six weeks before this one, I worked full-time or close to it, something I do not normally do. There were a couple of large, important projects that needed doing, and I'm sort of the on-call person for some of those. I shipped everything off at the end of last week, leaving me with little to work on right now. My mind so far has yet to accept that. I started to work on this block and, bam, some little part of my brain is saying that I should feel guilty for not working. It makes no difference that I have no work to do. My mind has gotten in the habit of working. I hope that this weekend, I can convince my mind that it is a weekend and I do not work on weekends ... except that I did on a couple of them in the last few weeks. Hmmm.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Jean's brain, Stop being a jerk. Please. Love, Debi