Sunday, July 17, 2016

Black, White, and Shades of Grey

This basket holds 18 blocks in blacks, whites, and shades of grey. I was hoping to add one more, which would have been the penultimate one, today, but the quilting goddesses were displeased with me. After sewing what would have been the penultimate seam, I realized that I had placed one of 36 squares (each made of two pieces) incorrectly. I decided that setting everything aside until tomorrow (when I'd hoped to be making the ultimate block) was better the frog sewing (rip-it, rip-it, and sew on). I want to get the last block pieced so that I can move on to the next effort, which will be repairing the first quilt I ever made. That's not going to be easy, but it will be done.

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