Tuesday, June 28, 2016

It's Just About a New Year, Baby!

As my 60th birthday approaches, I keep reflecting on this blog that I kept during my 56th year. That would be five years ago, which makes it seem all the more as something I should do again. It will at least get me thinking more about photography even if it doesn't get me reflecting on what images best represent my life at 60, an age I once viewed as "ancient," later viewed as "old," and now try to think of not at all.

If you know me, you know I have something of a fascination with the heads of dolls and all that can be done with them. (I'm trying nightlights next unless the GI Joes and Barbies distract me.) Unfortunately, this toddler-sized doll at the SPCA Rummage Store is there to model clothes not be purchased by some crazy lady who might turn her head into a paperweight, or bookend, or Christmas ornament, all of which I've done with smaller heads.

As I was emailing someone about re-starting this blog, it occurred to me that the URL does mention that it is my 56th year. I guess that means that I have to tell people how to get here or let them stumble in on their own. Works for me!

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