Monday, January 23, 2012

For Once, I Had No Words ...

... nor do I have it in me, now, to take a photograph for today. This one from my Montana trip seems, though, to convey today's feeling that all we know or have can blow away in an instant. How do you answer a friend who says, questioningly, that she doesn't know how to say good-bye to her family? I had no words, and told her so. I hope it was enough just to have been there for her when she needed to voice the thought to someone.


  1. Oh Jean. And now I wish I had words to say to you. I'm so sorry. So very very sorry.

  2. I sometimes think that when we have no words, it is because there are no words, and being there is simply enough. Sending you sheaths of light that will comfort and restore you, and can be shared with others to comfort and restore them, however that restoration needs to be at this time.