Monday, May 21, 2012

My Life Has No Honor Code

So this is an old photo and a day-late post. Life is like that lately in that I feel more than ever that I am impersonating a competent adult and only rarely successfully, a fact I discussed in general terms with my doc today at my annual maintenance check-up. Now I return to trying to determine, before I put on a screen protecting sheet, if there is a static cling thing on the screen of the tablet that just arrived. A fully competent adult would look at it and quickly say, no, there is not one; the directions lied, and put on the screen protector. I look at it and ask why I am so stupid as to not be able to see an edge here or a corner there because they would not have lied and said to remove something that wasn't there. Keep in mind here that the directions that say there is a static cling thing are those for the screen protector; nowhere is a static cling thing mentioned in the table literature. Yes, I'm sucking at life today.

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